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Campus Card  

Campus Card Service Regulations

1. About campus card managing, opening, using and temporary holding

(1) Campus card managing

 Managing with the relevant regulations of one-card center of Zhejiang Normal University.

(2) Campus card using

a. You need to show your “Campus Card of Zhejiang Normal University” and swipe the card in turn when you enter into the library,.

b. You need to show your “Campus Card of Zhejiang Normal University” when you borrow books.

c. You can pay the overdue fines, self-printing service and the cost of surfing on the internet in the multimedia reading room and coffee room.

d. You need to show your student card when you deal with the violation and overdue fines.

e. Faculties, postgraduate students, graduate students can apply for a academic research E-mail with self campus cards.

f. Readers enter “my library” and input campus card account and password, then you can modify your information, go on readers’ reservation, check your borrowing books and periodicals and overdue fines in the library homepage or OPAC.

(3) Temporary holding of campus card

Library card can only be used by the person named on it. Never lend cards to others. Readers misuse cards will be given holds for 1 month and readers need to take back cards with relevant identity documents.

2. Campus card borrowing privileges

A. Each Undergraduate student can borrow 20 copies at one time for 30 days.

B. Each Postgraduate student can borrow 25 copies for 60 days; and each on-job postgraduate student can borrow 20 copies for 180 days.

C. An equivalent education level and Visiting scholar can borrow 3 copies for 60 days; self-taught student can borrow 3 copies for 30 days.

D. Faculty, postgraduate student can borrow 30 copies for 60 days.

    Renewal online is allowed only within 15 days before the due date of the checked out books and renew for a period of 15 days.

3. Campus card loss reporting

    Readers should report of the loss to avoid unnecessary losses once the campus card misses.