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    Zhejiang Normal University Library was established in 1956, with Hangzhou Normal College Library as its predecessor. With the development of the University, theLibrary has also been developed from a traditional library to a modern one withabundant collectionsand advanced equipment. By December 2015, the library has had a total staff of 109, of whom 3 are professors (orresearch fellows of library science), 26 are associate professors (or associate research fellows of library science) and 70 areresearch assistants of library science, including6 doctors, 29 masters and 67 bachelors.

    The library is made up of the Library and Information Center and Run Run Shaw Library, with a total construction area of 51,191square meters.Run Run Shaw Library, with a construction area of 10,221 square meters, was built in 1990 with 10 millionHKDdonated by Sir Run Run Shaw in Hong Kong and 2.5 million RMBas counterpart fund appropriated by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province. It was advantageous in reasonable design and first-class facilities and equipment in Zhejiang Province at the time. The Library and Information Center was completed and put into use in October 2006, with a construction area of 40,970 square meters. Emphasisis laid on the blending of such functions as learning, communication and leisure, on the humanistic concern in internal environment and on the organic integration of humanistic implication and modern scientific and technological civilization.The new building is characterized by the wide vision, flavor of the time andmodern artistic taste with thehuge transparent glass wall and streamlined roof.

    Zhejiang Normal University Library has altogether 5,200 reading seats, collects over 2.98 million paper books and2.2 million kinds of electronic books in all, subscribes over 3,000 Chinese and foreign newspapers and periodicals every year, and purchases and constructs more than 80 databases. Readers can not only make use of the resourceful library collections, but also enjoy advanced network service platform, high-performance network environment and complete services for acquiring information resources. What impresses you most, however, is the librarians’ warm and thoughtful service with their dedication and intelligence. Currently, the library receives 1.5 million readers every year, and they borrow and return over 1 million books.The multi-type and multi-layer services, made up of books borrowing, reference and consultation, literature search, readers’ training, inter-library loan, document delivery and information push, makes the Library an important place for the readers to read books extensively and acquire knowledge and information in different fields.