Foundation Flash: Simplicity and Style

At Foundation Flash, we offer a range of free tutorials which help anyone, particularly beginners and intermediates, to learn Flash. All our Flash tutorials are completely free, but if you like them and have found them useful, think about donating to us by using the link on the right hand side of most pages. We also offer video tutorials, which, you guessed it, are also free.

Foundation Flash is primarily comprised of two individuals -

Leon Aves

Leon was the original founder of Prugle, the forerunner of Foundation Flash. He is a generally easy going sort of a person, yet can complete projects on time in a professional manner. He's a people person.

He is particularly energetic and enthusiastic, seeing the website through the tough early months. He can handle a fair bit of risk, but never loses his head. He is better than Harry at Flash, preferring the direct approach of AS2, and also good at Web languages, though he always strives to increase his knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Harry Burt

Always the traditional techie, keeping up with the latest technology news. Being a bit of a workaholic, his professional nature makes sure that things get done (or he never sleeps). Being such a 21st Century person, he prefers ActionScript 3.

He specialises in web related languages such as PHP and CSS, but is also good at Flash and ActionScript. It is logical therefore, that he is responsible for the website's management and keeps the files up to date, although our free Flash tutorials are written by both Leon and Harry.

We also have a range of other contributors:

- We're listed in the "Web Design & Development" section of the B2B Index