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Movie Clips

Hello, and welcome to another Foundation Flash tutorial, Symbols part 1 - Movie Clips.

I am not actually going to get you do anything in this tutorial, I am just going to discuss the basics of Movie Clips. Movie Clips are just what they are described as. They are clips of something happening, but it is grouped together into a symbol. If you like, to see what I mean, you can draw a circle on the stage, select it and press F8 to convert it to a symbol. Choose Movie Clip, and call it whatever you want.

 If you double click it, you will be taken inside the Movie Clip. You will notice it has a timeline of its own. Make the circle do something like a shape tween. When you are done, just above the timeline, click on the button that says Scene 1 to return to the main stage. Inside that Movie Clip is a clip of the circle doing whatever you made it do. Now, create a motion tween on the timeline to move the Movie Clip across the stage. When you test your movie, the Movie Clip should be playing and moving about while it is doing so.

This is the basics of Movie Clips, thank you for reading this. Look out for the next part of this 2-part tutorial.

Thank you again,